Drive-Up Tunnel Units

Access your self storage unit out of the Florida sun with Orlando Self Storage

Tunnel Access Self Storage Units

Drive-up access self storage units under the cover of our roof!

Welcome to Orlando Self Storage featuring temperature-controlled, drive-up Tunnel Units! 

Sizes offered in the tunnel are 10x24 and 10x30, with 14-foot high ceilings. 

Load and unload your stuff in comfort as you’re out of the sun and protected from the weather.

Contact us today to inquire about availability and pricing on these unique units.

Why Choose Tunnel Units?

Our tunnel units have the added benefit of keeping you comfortable while you move in, out, or just visit your stuff!

Drive-thru tunnel big enough for moving trucks

Park your moving truck right beside your unit! This way, you won’t have to carry heavy boxes, furniture, or appliances a long way, but you’re still protected from the weather!

Temperature-controlled self storage units

These large units have quality temperature control, meaning your belongings are protected from the Florida heat just like you will be!

Large doors and high ceilings

We make it easy to get to your unit even if you’re not a professional truck driver! The ceiling inside our Tunnel self storage units is 14 feet high, so be sure your truck is less than that.

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Temperature Control

Not every self storage unit has temperature control to keep out the heat. 

In Florida, that can be a big problem! If you’re storing items that are susceptible to mold or heat expansion, consider upgrading to one of our drive-thru, temperature-controlled tunnel units. 

Not only will these units keep your furniture, electronics, and heirlooms cool, our unique tunnel layout can keep you out of the sun too! 

Get in touch with our team of self storage experts today to see if we have a premium tunnel unit that fits your needs. Keep yourself and your stuff cool with our drive-thru tunnel units!